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Drum Fun or Dumb Drumb Page 2
by Capt. Charles Newton

Redfish Charters

Capt. Charles Newton
Rockport, TX
800 862-7987




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They eat a variety of baits and often "mouth" the bait for some time before swallowing it, and the fisherman must be patient and wait until the fish moves off with the bait before jerking, and at this point you don't have to ask "Did I get a bite?" Their diets include small crabs, algae, small fish, mollusks and shrimp. I usually fish with crab or shrimp to catch them. They have no canine teeth like those of the trout but they do have highly developed pharyngeal teeth (in the pharynx or throat) which are used to crush the crabs or mollusks before swallowing.

Fighting these drum can be done on almost any type of rod and reels. I usually equip my boat with light to medium light tackle. Part of the fun is seeing the fight between angler and fish. I enjoy seeing anyone sweat while tying to land these action packed fighters. The lighter the tackle the longer the fight. I usually use 12 lb. test line and a 7 1/2' medium light rod.

Unlike spotted seatrout that spawn only in the bays, and redfish or red drum that spawn only in the Gulf, black drum will spawn in either the bay or Gulf or in the connecting passes. Free spawning (random release of eggs) occurs mostly in February through April with some later spawning occurring in June and July.

Just for the records from Texas Parks and Wildlife the Rod & Reel record for Black
drum is 81 lbs. measuring 51.18" and caught in 1988 from the Gulf of Mexico. The largest black drum on record weighed 146 pounds.

When the drum run is going on you can choose to fish for them all day or fish for them 1/2 day and fish for Redfish the other half day. To book a fishing trip my wife, Beverly will be happy to discuss any questions about your trip or bookings with you. My website has lots of information on it including a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. As well as a link to Texas Parks and Wildlife website. Beverly has a complete list of motels and places to stay if you need that information. She answers the phone 24-7. Give her a call @ 800 862-7987 or 361 729-8220.

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Allycia Olive and her Black Drum Raymond Appell Black Drum Beverly Newton
Check this out granddaughter Allycia Oliver caught this beauty black drum with
"Pappaw" Capt. Charlie Newton, Rockport, TX. This black drum was caught in the
shallower water near Rockport and measures 35".
This beauty black drum measured 40" and was caught by Raymond Appell while fishing
with Capt. Charlie Newton, Rockport, Tx.
Beverly Newton, Rockport, TX is holding a very golden looking 36 1/2" Black drum she
caught while fishing with her hubby Capt. Charlie Newton.

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