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How To Tie Fishing Knots

Knowing how to properly tie a fishing knot can mean the difference between landing that big redfish you have been fishing for all day, or losing the fish because of a poorly tied knot. When a fish strikes, it creates a considerable amount of stress from the force of the strike. The knot tied at the swivel, lure, or hook can easily break if it is tied incorrectly, or it can unwind if it is tied wrong. A knot is the weakest point in the fishing line, but a properly tied fishing knot will withstand almost any strain that a fish will induce on the line.

I have included a few how-to demonstrations on tying a few popular fishing knots. Just select the knot you want to learn to tie from the menu, and the link will take you to the how-to page.

The knots are animated. Each animation will show you the correct way to tie the fishing knot.

Common Fishing Knots

Albright Knot

Berkley Knot  
Blood Knot  
Centauri Knot  
Clinch Knot  
Double Swivel Fishing Knot  
Drop Loop Knot  
Grinner Fishing Knot  
Half Blood Knot  
Offshore Swivel Knot  
Palomar Knot  
Spider Hitch Knot  
Thumb Knot  
Uni Knot  






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